Common Questions - Simple Answers


Here you find answers to frequently asked questions.


What is an in-house membership program?

An in-house membership program is an easy to create in-house savings and benefits plan designed specifically for your practice and patients.  It provides your patients with a low monthly or annual payment and service option.  As a result, it helps them stay healthy and current on their recommended dental care, comfortable to accept more treatment, and overall saves them money.  In conclusion, it offers the benefits of patient loyalty, increased patient treatment acceptance, and positive recurring cash flow – to name just a few.  

Our practice is doing just fine as it is.  Why is it important we implement an in-house membership program?

Although your practice may be doing fine, it is important to propel your practice and plan for the unexpected to secure your practice’s longevity.  Aside from that, there are many reasons to implement an in-house membership program that will positively impact your practice and patients alike. Examples include:  increase patient loyalty, increase patient health, increase practice cash flow and income, increase treatment margins.

How can I get the Doctor or Office Manager to understand or see the importance of an in-house membership program?  

You should already have their attention as simply exploring the option of an in-house membership program shows your interest in helping the practice grow and prosper. We encourage you to review or print the FAQ’s and use them as a reference or give them to the Doctor and Office Manager.  We can also help by offering a virtual or live demo with them.  

I am not sure where to start.  What do I do?  

No problem.  We can help.  Although getting started can seem intimidating we can help implement it quickly and easily.  Our Fully-Managed Service matches you with an onboarding consultant who will help you from the start to the launch of your program.  Also, this service not only provides the management platform that automates and simplifies the management of your in-house membership management program, but also includes, setup, plan creation guidance and tools, training, marketing materials, and advice to help your practice succeed.

Membership programs seem too complicated.  Are they?

There is nothing complicated about it.  Stoneprism will offer assistance and guidance throughout the setup, implementation of the launch of your membership program.  Once you and your team are trained, it will simply become a normal process in your everyday.

Are membership programs are difficult to manage?

The Stoneprism Software platform was designed to be simple, efficient, and provide intuitive automation.  As a result, saving your practice time and easing the burden on self-management.  

How do I create a plan?

To ease your mind, we have several sample plans already pre-loaded into the platform.  Your practice can easily review and adjust using your discretion.  Additional guidance and consultation are available for the creation of additional plans.  

Will it take long for us to grow the program in order for it to make sense?

How long before your practice sees growth will depend largely on your desire to excel, being coachable, and willingness to follow our guidance, recommendations, and advice.  

Is our Office is too busy to implement a membership program?

Do you have time not to implement a membership program?  On average, 15% of a practice’s patient base are uninsured.  The best way to help those patients and create predictable recurring revenue for your practice is to take the time now to implement a membership program.  Therefore later, your practice will be rewarded with a large increase in recurrent revenue and patient loyalty and satisfaction.

Will a membership program create an added burden on our office team?

We would never consider the opportunity to build and grow any business a burden.  Like anything, it will take time and effort to implement but again like anything else it will become second nature and very much apart of your regular everyday routine and daily business activity. 

Do we have the team resources to implement a membership program?

Our platform has been deployed in 2 person practices as well as 40 person practices.  A single location dental practice to many locations.  All of which, have successfully implemented the system with enough resources to use the simple, efficient, and automated Stoneprism platform.

How much does this cost?

Our pricing is the lowest in the industry and is simple, predictable, and affordable.  See our Pricing Page for more details.  

It costs too much.

It costs too much not to have both an in-house membership program and not automating it with the Stonprism Software platform.   

I don’t think we have enough patients that will sign up.

Any uninsured patient is an obvious candidate for your in-house membership program.  But also consider those who are poorly insured, looking to retire, retirees, those who may have only just recently lost insurance, or those coming off a parent’s coverage.   All of whom budget-friendly dental care options may be attractive to.  

I am a fee for service practice.  How will this benefit our practice? 

Firstly, congratulations!  You already know the value of not dealing with insurance and the continual decline in reimbursement.   A membership program will still be of great value to your fee for service practice.  Your practice will create predictable, reoccurring cash flow and increase patient loyalty and satisfaction.  

Are we locked into a long-term contract? 

Stoneprism has no long term contracts so you can cancel easily.  We offer our service as a month to month commitment.  

How many members should we expect to enroll? 

We see practices that have as few as 50 members to several thousand members.  The great thing about Stoneprism is that it is as easy to manage a 50 member program as it is to manage a thousand member program.

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