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About Stoneprism Software

Since 1996, we have been protecting data and housing thousands of servers within our Green Bay, WI datacenter for companies, organizations and individuals in over 100 countries as a service and subscription based model.  Similarly, Stoneprism is a subscription management service that was founded to fill a need in the management of dental practice membership programs.  Dental practices want to implement membership programs and many do.  In doing so, they have often found the process to manage all aspects of their program can be very challenging and very manual which is inefficient and time consuming, has low renewal rates and ultimately lost revenues.

Stoneprism’s objective is to make the management of your in-house membership program simple and efficient, helping you to reduce dental insurance dependence and increase the value of your practice.   Additionally, Stoneprism was founded to do it simply and efficiently by automating much of the management process and procedures.   We offer low to no per member fees which ensures that regardless of how many patients you enroll, your monthly fees are constant and predictable with our low to no per user fees and/or flat rate pricing options and no long term commitment.  We believe that if you receive value in our service, you will continue to use us.  If you do not see value in our service, we don’t believe in locking you into unnecessary contractual fees and burdens.  Your commitment is month to month but we hope to serve you for many years.

Since the start in 1996, the founders of Stoneprism Software have been involved in membership and subscription based businesses and platforms providing web hosting, cloud services and  datacenter related services to customers in over 100 countries.   Over the course of time, we have been protecting, managing and securing many petabytes worth of user, business and enterprise data.  Using that experience, skill and expertise coupled with our wholly owned datacenter facility located in Green Bay, WI, we are able to expeditiously and efficiently provide dental practice membership management for your dental practice.  Our custom, dental practice specific platform saves you time, increases revenues and reduces dental insurance dependence.  Your dental practice membership management platform will automate the membership management process leading to more efficiency, higher renewal rates and increased revenues for your practice.

We are proud to be a Veteran owned company.

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