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Simple, Predictable,
Practice Friendly Pricing

Starting your membership program does not require huge startup costs or setup fees. With our practice friendly pricing you simply pay a low, per patient fee on a monthly basis until you reach 50 patients. Once you reach 50 patients in your membership program, you will revert to flat rate pricing which means you will never pay any more than the low monthly price regardless of number of patient members. Your costs per patient will go down as your membership programs grows.

With Stoneprism, once you reach 50 patients, your monthly fee becomes low, flat and consistent. We do this because we know that it takes time for some practices to ramp up with their program. If you have an existing membership program and have members to add, then we have an alternative low, flat rate monthly fee you can take advantage of from the start.

With no upfront cost or startup fees, there is no reason to wait, click here to get started today!

The Stoneprism dental practice membership management platform will automate your membership program, helping you to attract new patients to your practice and better serve your existing patients. Adding a membership program to your practice AND using the Stoneprism dental practice membership management platform to manage your membership program increases your revenues, increases the value of your practice and gives you greater cash flow predictability while decreasing your dependence on insurance.

Our pricing is simple and practice friendly with three options to choose from.

You only pay as you grow. Once you grow past 50 members your monthly fees become flat.

Grow your member base to 100, 200, 500 with no increase in costs.

No long term contracts - month to month service.

No Startup Costs or Setup Fees

Three Pricing Options Available - Choose The One Best For You!

"Before using the Stoneprism Membership Management platform, we were using spreadsheets and calendar notes to manage our membership program. This required many hours for my front desk staff to track, collect and manage renewals and renewal fees. We now subscribe a new patient and it has become nearly hands off, saving us tons of time and provides a much better patient experience. The savings in time for us and the cost savings for our patients is a win win all around. Thank you Stoneprism Software!" Dr. Rebecca A. Havel DDS, FCNO, Green Bay, WI