What is the Process to Get Started? | Dental Practice Subscription and Membership Management Software | Stoneprism Software

What is the Process to Get Started?

Once you decide you are ready to proceed with your membership program using the Stoneprism platform, the process is simple.

The Stoneprism startup was designed to be simple, uncomplicated, and time efficient. Have you demo'ed the platform?

Great, STEP 01 is complete.

Have you decided that the Stoneprism in-house membership program automation is right for your office? Now that you are ready to get started with Stoneprism Software, the process from YES is super simple.

STEP 02. Gather Practice Information, Customize Plans

Our team will guide your through the gather practice information phase. It is important to have a representative from your office on the phone with us that has access to all practice information...this will ensure a speedy process through setup. For a complete list of necessary information, contact us today!

The customization of your unique member plans are yours to create. That said, we will offer as much or as little guidance you see needed. Whether you have no idea or a pretty solid idea of your plan details, Stoneprism will be there to guide you.

STEP 03. Schedule Training, Customize Marketing Materials

Training will be scheduled at the very same time information is gathered. Our goal is to see training scheduled within one week of signup. Please have a few dates and time options in mind. We prefer the entire team present for training, but understand exceptions are to be made.

The customization of your marketing materials is as easy as choosing a color and forwarding your logo!

STEP 04. Start Adding Members.

Time to start adding members! This is an exciting last step and can be reached just as quick as you like.

You could be setting your membership benefits and adding new members within minutes of sign up if you want to. It really is this simple!

With no cost to start, are you ready to start your membership program today? Contact Us Now!