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Why Have Thousands of Dental Practices Implemented In-House Membership Programs?

For Dentists and Practice Owners

Increase practice value, treatment acceptance, patient health and practice revenues. Generate regular, recurring cashflow. Reduce insurance dependence and constantly declining reimbursement rates.

For Practice Managers and Staff

The platform automates and simplifies membership management and collection of recurring membership fees. Staff will save the time and effort spent dealing with insurance reimbursement and collections. In-House membership patients pay immediately so there is no wasted time chasing down payments.

For Your Patients

Uninsured and underinsured patients will be more loyal to your practice and will take advantage of the benefits your membership program offers. They will maintain regular visits and generally accept more treatment as needed leading to better health and a better quality life.

For Dentists, Practice Managers, Staff and Patients

Simplify the management of your in-house membership program.

Through automation and efficiency, you and your staff will increase production and revenue. They will save time processing and collecting payment and they will reduce insurance dependence leading to reduced efforts in seeking and obtaining reimbursement.


Percentage of people who forego dental care due to cost. 1


Percentage of retirees without dental benefits. 2


Percentage of Adults who visited the dentist in the last 12 months. 3

These stats are abundantly clear.  They are evidence that an effective, efficient and automated in-house membership program is not only a considerable benefit your patients health and one they will use but also a significant benefit to the financial strength and stability of your dental practice.

Combat Declining Insurance Reimbursement

Take Back Control of Your Dental Practice Income

Insurers do not prioritize your reimbursements, contractually lock you into enacting lower fees and reductions in patient benefits. Your control of what they do and what they require is limited. Small and medium practices are often at their mercy. You can take control. In-house membership programs for your patients give you all of the control - set your benefits, set your fees, collect payments immediately.

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