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What is a membership Program?

Membership programs are also known as dental savings plans, subscription programs, loyalty programs, or discount/benefit plans.  Whatever you decide to call them, ultimately, they are all similar.  A budget-friendly subscription-based benefit plan that you directly provide.  Above all, they offer affordable care for your patients, which is good for them and good for your practice.

Membership programs are an affordable alternative to traditional dental insurance allowing greater access to quality, personalized dental care for all patients.  Unlike insurance, there are no limitations, no limited reimbursements, no waiting periods, no large deductibles, no pre-authorization requirements, no denials of coverage, no pre-existing clauses, or no limit on maximums. 

Membership programs allow uninsured or poorly insured patients an exceptional alternative to high deductibles, low reimbursement, limits and exclusions.  Additionally, preventative care benefits built into your membership program that include services such as cleanings, exams, and x-rays, often help to promote and ensure your patients come in for regular visits to your dental practice and in doing so enhance their general overall health not only orally but wholly.

Why Offering a Membership program is important?

Your choice to offer a dental in-house membership program matters to many people!  Offering an in-house membership program gives your deserving patients easy access to quality, personalized, and affordable dental care. 

Generate Cash Flow

Increase your practice value, treatment acceptance, and practice revenues.  Generate a predictable and recurring cash flow.  Reduce insurance dependence and combat declining reimbursement rates.

Save Time

Your team and practice will save time, which is invaluable.  The platform automates your membership program’s management, resulting in time saved.  Reduce time spent calling on insurance and patients for the collection of payment.  

More Opportunities

Maximize the opportunity to help more of your patients, attract new patients, and retain your existing patient base, who might otherwise look for more affordable dental care options.  Create the ultimate patient experience by offering a membership mentality! 

How Stoneprism Software Makes it Simple!


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Stoneprism is the lowest cost platform available.   Our platform is simple and efficient, offering tiered flat-rate pricing options.  There are no per member pricing, no fees to start, and no setup fees.  

There is no reason pricing should hold you back from starting now with no long-term contracts, no setup fees, or per member pricing.  Our fully loaded membership management platform ensures you low risk and high reward success of your in-house membership program.

Pricing & Service Tiers


$49 Per Month (0-20 Members)
$99 Per month (21-50 Members)
$149 per month (51-100+ Members)


$199 per month (0-200 Members)
$299 per month (201-400 Members)
$499 per month (401-1000+ members)

Client Testimonials

Your success is our success making success our mission! 

Join our rapidly growing family of practices and dentists who have found great success in using Stoneprism Software to manage, automate, and simplify their in-house dental membership programs.


Since implementing Stoneprism for our membership management, we have been able to streamline the process of adding patients and managing renewals.  In a few short months, our membership has grown by over 400 members and could not be happier.

- Susan, Insurance & membership Coordinator

Thank you for the simple and fast setup of our in-house membership program.  You made it easy and we were up & running in no time! 

- Dr. Donna Larsen, DMD

Nearly every patient that does not have insurance or that is under-insured, to who I have offered our in-house membership program to has chosen to enroll.  It has been great to see our patients’ reactions to treatment plans when they know they will see savings from being a member.  It is great to give them this option.  

- Brenda, Office Manager

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