Stoneprism Software

About Stoneprism Software

Stoneprism was founded in 2019 by the seasoned technology team of Netsonic.   Netsonic is a data center, cloud, and hosting provider started in 1996 and is located in Green Bay, WI.  Proudly veteran-owned and operated, Netsonic continues to be a trusted, affordable, and reliable data center for tens of thousands of customers.  It serves as a provider for small, mid-sized, and large businesses.  Additionally, they provide dedicated cloud servers, scalable cloud hosting services, cloud computing solutions, dedicated server hosting, and colocation services for companies across the globe in nearly 100 countries.

Our company’s Founder and President, Adam Simpson, has a trusted reputation, quick-wit, and passion for his chosen occupation.  Additionally, he has a grand loyalty to his clients, friends, and family.  Therefore, it came as no surprise that when a local dental practice was faced with a desire to run a membership program, he be the person they called on for help and guidance.  

After that, Adam searched the market for a solution.  However, he found a lack of software to manage an in-house membership program easily.  Similarly, he found the applications and services available just missed the mark—examples of either cost, lack of personalization, support, or logistics.

The result, if he couldn’t find it, if it wasn’t both simple and great –  he had to make it!  As a result, the team went to work to build a secure cloud-based in-house dental practice membership management platform that is simple to use, fully customizable, automated and affordable for any size dental practice.

The significant success of helping that first practice to rapidly achieve their goals in terms of their in-house membership program made it abundantly clear why Stoneprism now helps hundreds of practices, thousands of dentists and tens of thousands of patients to simplify and manage all aspects of their in-house membership programs.