Common Questions...Simple Answers

Common QuestionsSimple Answers

What is an in-house membership program?

An in-house membership program is an easy to create in-house savings plan that you uniquely design and provide to patients at a low monthly or annual cost.

Our practice is doing just fine as it is.  Why should I have an in-house membership program?

There are many reasons to implement an in-house membership program.  Increase patient loyalty, increase patient health, increase practice cash flow and income, increase treatment margins and many many more.  If you do not want to increase any of those, then you should keep the status quo.

I  can’t get the Dr. to buy in to the concept.  How can I do that?

Simply by exploring options for your in-house membership program you are showing an interest in helping the practice grow and prosper.  Explaining much of the previous questions answers is generally congruent with the Doctors overall goals for the business.

I don’t know where or how to start.

No problem.   This is where we come in.  We will provide the platform that automates and simplifies the management of your in-house membership management program.  We will provide training, marketing materials and advise to help you succeed.

They sound too complicated.

There is nothing complicated about it.  We assist you in its roll out and deployment.  Once you  and your staff are trained on the benefits of the in-house membership program, it will simply become a normal process in your day of which will consume very little time and effort.

They are difficult to manage.

Our platform was designed from the ground up to be simple and intuitive.  It is built to save you time and increase practice revenues.

I don’t know how to create plan.

This is no problem.  We have several sample plans inserted into the platform that you can review and adjust as necessary.  Additional guidance and advice is always available from one of our expert practice integration specialists.

It will take too long for us to grow it in order for it to make sense.

If you follow our suggestions, tips and advice to implement the in-house membership program into your practice, this will not be a problem.  Staff mentioning the program to patients is key.  Additionally, letting your patients know about it and its benefits is also crucial.  When your patients know about it, they will enroll in your in-house membership program.

Office is too busy.

One of the reasons the practice exists is to ensure a return on investment for the shareholders – your doctor(s) and thus the staff.  If you are too busy to enhance patient loyalty, enhance practice revenues and enhance practice margins, then perhaps the business or practice is not your priority.  We doubt that is the case and we know that the small time investment you will make in implementing then in-house membership program using Stoneprism will pay for itself in spades.

It will create an extra burden on our office staff.

The burden on staff is minimal once training and implementation have occurred.  The platform automates virtually all of the process once the patient is enrolled.  It won’t need constant attention and babysitting.

We don’t have the resources.

Our platform has been deployed in 2 person practices as easily as it has been in 40 person practices.    If you have the resources to conduct business, you have more than enough resources to use the simple, efficient and automated Stoneprism platform.

I don’t know how much they cost.

Our pricing is the lowest in the industry and is simple, predictable and affordable.

It costs too much.

Not implementing an in-house membership program and not automating it with our platform costs exponentially more in terms of revenue and time.  Simple math.. A small program with only 100 members would generate roughly $40,000 per year or $3,300 per month in recurring cash flow.

I don’t have enough patients that will sign up.

Any uninsured patient is a candidate for your in-house membership program.   Additionally, this can be very attractive for new patients without insurance and/or retirees who are losing their dental coverage.

I am a fee for service practice.

Congratulations.  You know the value of not dealing with insurance and their continual reimbursement pain.   Your platform will create additional loyalty in your patient base and allow you to create predictable, reoccurring revenue.

What if we are not getting good results? Will we be locked in to a long contract? 

We are confident this will be a success for your practice.  We will work very hard to help you succeed.  Stoneprism has no long term contracts so you can cancel easily.

How many members should we expect to sign up? 

We will give you the tools and ideas to easily promote and grow your program. We see practices anywhere from 50 members on the lower end to many hundreds of members. The great thing about Stoneprism is that it is as easy to manage a 50 member program as it is to manage a many hundred member program.