Client Testimonials

Your success is our success making success our mission! 

Join our family of clients who has found success in managing their in-house dental membership programs using Stoneprism Software.

Because It's All About Happy clients...

We were originally uncertain about implementing our in-house membership program.  You walked us through the process and made it simple.  We are enrolling a significant number of our uninsured patient base and some are even dropping their insurance and instead, enrolling in our in-house membership program.  All we had to do was make them aware of our program and they immediately saw the benefits of it. 

Thank you!

- Vivian, Office Finance Manager

Thank you Stoneprism for the continued guidance and support for our in-house membership program. You have made this a very easy process for us. Since implementing, we are seeing increased treatment acceptance and significant time savings for my staff

- Dr. Rebecca A. Havel, DDS, SC

We are so happy with our decision to use Stoneprism for our in-house membership management.  It literally takes us 20 seconds to enroll patients in our program.  When we have questions or need advice, their staff is only a call away and they resolve any questions quickly.

- Audrey, Dental Office Manager

Enroll Now!  Our Office hesitated due to time concerns, but we found the process was much simpler than we had thought it to be.  Also, happy with the low flat rates making fees a non-concern for our Office.  

- Dakota, Office Manager

We originally were managing our membership program in-house with spreadsheets and manual processes.  This was problematic as it was not automated for renewals.  We looked at many platforms to manage our in-house membership program and found that some charged per member fees, which would be very expensive over time as we grow.  Others charged large setup fees. Stoneprism provided exceptional value to us at the lowest cost and simplest to use.  The live training we received helped us to hit the ground running and ensured our staff was comfortable with the system and process of adding patients.

- Jackie, Practice Manager

Happy we made the decision to enroll with Stoneprism.  We saw an immediate positive response from our patients and have been enrolling since our initial launch.  Thank you Stoneprism for making the process much simpler had we decided to manage on our own.  

- Amanda, Office Manager

Since implementing Stoneprism for our membership management, we have been able to streamline the process of adding patients and managing renewals.  In a few short months, our membership has grown by over 400 members, and could not be happier.

- Susan, Insurance & Membership Coordinator

Thank you for the simple and fast setup of our in-house membership program.  You made it easy and we were up & running in no time! 

- Dr. Donna Larsen, DMD

Nearly every patient that does not have insurance or that is under-insured, to who I have offered our in-house membership program to has chosen to enroll.  It has been great to see our patients’ reactions to treatment plans when they know they will see savings from being a member.  It is great to give them this option.  

- Brenda, Office Manager

Get Started Now

Stoneprism is the lowest cost platform available.   Our platform is simple and efficient offering tiered flat-rate pricing options.  There are no per member pricing, no fees to start, and no setup fees.  

There is no reason pricing should hold you back from starting now with no long-term contracts, no setup fees, or per member pricing.  Our fully loaded membership management platform ensures you low risk and high reward success of your in-house membership program.

Pricing & Service Tiers


$49 per month (0-20 Members)
$99 per month (21-50 Members)
$149 per month (51-100+ Members)


$199 per month (0-200 Members)
$299 per month (201-400 members)
$499 Per Month (401-1000+ members)