Getting started with Stoneprism is simple!

Startup begins with our team guiding your practice through the information-gathering phase; this can be done over the phone or by email. Whatever works best for you! Your practice must have all the necessary information readily available to ensure a speedy setup. We have found it best that the individual providing information is the Dentist or Office Manager.

After the initial setup, an integration consultant from our team will be in touch to introduce themselves, roll out what to expect next, offer mentorship towards the creation of your plans & membership agreement (if you so choose), and schedule your practice software training.

Our platform does come fully loaded with built-in plans and membership agreement, making it exceptionally easy to get started immediately!

Once training is complete, it will be time to begin using and adding members into the software!

Stoneprism will be available throughout the initial setup, startup, and growth phases of your membership program. Additionally, providing marketing resources, additional training, and mentorship.

No fear, we are indeed with your practice from start to grow!