The patient perspective is the only perspective that matters when determining if buying confidence exists in your dental practice. 

Related to your practice, answer the following: 

  • Can my patients afford my dentistry? 
  • Are our current financial payment options in the best interest of the patients? 
  • Are they options structured to help only those who probably already have cash available to pay us? 

Be vigilant in pursuing a positive patient perspective – implement a dental membership program in your practice. In doing so, all patients have a budget-friendly way of access to quality dental care.   

Have you considered your patients may have:

  • Pent up dental care needs, are they accepting treatment recommendations with enthusiasm, or are they reluctant?  
  • Reluctance is fear-based due to personal hardships, reduction of hours, or loss of jobs and insurance benefits – each is likely, not easy to share. 
  • The need for affordable and budget-friendly financial options that can easily be offered through an internal membership program. 

We at Stoneprism implore your practice to be concerted in your efforts to meet your patients “where they are at,” add a membership program to the list of your financial options so the patient perspective can be 100% positive!