Membership programs, as we know them, are also known to be called dental savings plans, discount plans, or benefit plans. We will refer to them as in-house dental membership programs or only membership programs throughout our posts.

Let’s begin by stating what a membership program is NOT. Membership programs are not insurance and are not to be confused with regular conventional dental insurance. We consider them to be an affordable alternative to traditional dental insurance allowing greater access to quality dental care for all. Unlike insurance, there are no limitations, limited reimbursements, no waiting periods, no large deductibles, no pre-authorization requirements, no denials of coverage, no pre-existing clauses, or no limit on maximums.
Membership programs allow uninsured or patient that are poorly insured (looking for an alternative) the option to purchase preventative care in advance at a discounted price.

In addition to purchasing preventive services such as cleanings, exams, and x-rays often at 100%, Dentists will typically provide members a discount on additional services, adding massive value to the plan options.