It is hard to think beyond COVID-19 as we are still in the middle of it.  But this challenge shall pass.  When it does, we implore you to have used this time as an opportunity to strengthen the future of your dental practice, team, and patients—asserting all will be better, stronger, and overall healthier than before this began.

How will a membership program help do that? Let’s break it down.

Your Dental Practice
Closures, no matter the length of time your practice has been shut down, has a direct impact on cash flow and your bottom line.  When the doors reopen, you want to be ready.  By seizing this time now as an opportunity to metaphorically ‘make lemons into lemonade’ will determine how well your practice can handle future challenges.  Implementing your in-house membership program now and be assured later of predictable recurring cash flow.

Your Dental Team
A membership program is the revitalization your practice needs to energize the spirits of your team.  Your team, too, has been shut down, which goes against their desire to work and help people.  With a membership program in place, your team will have an opportunity to rally, band together, and help more people as they will so desire!

Your Dental Patients
When your doors reopen, patients will be eager to return to your care. They will also be experiencing reluctance based on personal hardships, reduction of hours, or loss of jobs and insurance benefits.  Your in-house membership program will be a detriment to them allowing them access to quality care at an affordable and budget-friendly price.

Crisis Relief Package
If you having been shutdown due to COVID-19, begin or transfer your program management now at NO COST and we will delay your first payment until you are back up and operational.  Contact us today for more information on our crisis relief package.

Stoneprism Software
Stoneprism Dental Practice Membership Management brings automation to your in-house dental membership program. Our intuitive and straightforward, purpose-built, cloud-based platform is like no other and includes training, support, and continued guidance.  Furthermore, choosing Stoneprism as your dental membership program management tool is critical to unlocking management that is simple, efficient, and accurate.

We remain open and committed to helping your dental practice during these challenging times.  We are available to our clients and those ready to enroll and deploy their dental membership programs quickly and easily.  Your setup and deployment are virtual – granting you safe distance, savings of time, and fast, efficient implementation.