Implementing, offering, and marketing the benefits of your in-house membership program to your patients will provide the predictability, stability, and peace of mind needed during challenging times. Furthermore, using the right management platform is critical to unlocking management that is simple, efficient, accurate, and automated.

Challenging times are inevitable. Having an in-house membership program in place will help during these times. As a business owner and dentist, it is necessary to consider unforeseen circumstances. You must position your business to handle these challenges. Although unpleasant to think about, it is incumbent upon you to strengthen your practice and safeguard it for your employees, patients, and sustainability.  

Circumstances to consider:  

  • Illness forcing you or team to stay home
  • Mandated or volunteered closure or shutdown
  • Extended training and continuing education
  • Short-term disability; surgery and recovery
  • Remodeling closure
  • Natural disasters

Having a membership program is an excellent mechanism to forge predictability year-round but, more importantly, during these cash flow challenging times. Having the right management platform for your membership program is crucial to unlocking the simplicity, efficiency, and accuracy of automation, which yields significant benefits, one of which is the value of recurring revenue streams. 

After adding memberships to a membership program, using a membership management platform will process automatically recurring renewals (monthly or annually), patient payments, and handle sending patient notifications. 

Avoid additional stress during challenging times by automating your membership program. When managed using a purpose-built platform, you will rest assured knowing that as you and your team add new members, it’s as simple as set it and forget it and sustain cash flow.